Company profile

The Company was born originally in 1958 as SPREAFICO RENATO S.I., from the name of the founder, and was a consulting firm in the field of metal heat treatment. It soon distinguished itself for competence and trustworthiness.
Thanks to this, it kept constantly and rapidly growing, becoming a well known Heat Treating Equipment manufacturer.
Our main goal has always been to supply our Customers with best quality, redditivity and reliability equipment, supported by top grade technical assistance.


Merging our experience and design capability with an all-native production and engineering organization, we follow our Customers step by step up to complete satisfaction.

All of our products, big or small, serial or special, manually or computer operated, are designed, sold, manufactured, and commissioned completely and directly by us.

Operating fields

Our specialty is designing and producing equipment for heat and thermo-chemical treatment of metal parts. Batch and continuous furnaces and ancillary equipment for hardening, quenching, tempering, stress-relieving, carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding of metal parts. Our production range is completed by a variety of special designs realized for specific Customers.

General service

Treatments & materials advice, on-site evaluation, safety rules and operative procedures definition, can all be provided.

Periodical service

ISO9000 annual temperature control check, atmosphere analysis, maintenance contracts are some of the services available under subscription.