CMQ furnace

CMQ Bell furnace, for high temperature annealing of gas turbine combustion chambers. Fully automated process, with special lifting device and dedicated SCADA supervision.

RSA Series
Bench and floor-standing muffle furnaces for high temperature treatments up to 1200ºC. Gas-tight protective chamber version available.
Wide range of dedicated quenching tanks. Read More
ROT Series
Tiltable revolving-retort furnaces for batch hardening, carbonitriding and carburizing of small pieces in fully-automated sequence. Unbeatable precision and production costs for screws, gears, etc. Read More
PCF Series
Pit hardening, carburizing and nitriding furnaces for large and difficult parts, like shafts, gears, etc. Computer-controlled process, automated smokeless charge transfer into quenching media included. Read More
VTB Series
Modular installations for hardening, carburizing, nitrding and quenching in molten salt baths. Outstanding level of automation and safety. Read More

Company profile

The Company was born originally in 1958 as SPREAFICO RENATO S.I., from the name of the founder, and was a consulting firm in the field of metal heat treatment ...

Laboratory & Workshop

Great part of Italian Technical Institutes and Universities, Italian and Central European steelworks, rely on our equipment to perform precision heat treatment ...

Productions Lines

A long list of well-known aircraft, automotive, and other machine manufacturers and subcontractors tells the long story of our company ...

Our Clients

A small selection from the over 4000 Customers acquired in more than 50 years of activity ...